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Camille and Dan

Stock Farm Wedding Photography


I had the pleasure of recently photographing Camille and Dan’s big day over at Stock Farm over in Ashley, just by Tatton Park. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting at Stock Farm a few times now and every time I tend to find myself coming away loving it more and more!

It wasn’t long before that we were sat round the table chatting about their wedding plans, and our engagement shoot at Quarry bank Mill. I loved bouncing ideas off them both as we chatted about their day and their festival themed ideas! And so with all suppliers properly confirmed on the itinerary and the wedding fund engaged - we were all on for the wedding at Stock Farm!

I met up with Camille and the girls in the bridal suite of Stock Farm, a converted country house which now plays host to farm style weddings on the estate, being surrounded with green acreage of fields and meadows allows for the perfect country styled wedding venue. The girls were all raring to go with the prosecco in full flow. There was plenty to go around with a couple of bottles in reserve just in case!

Rustic ceremony at Stock Farm

The ceremony in the homestead barn house was quaintly rustic as the country house gives a very homey, pastoral vibe, and the theme runs throughout this picturesque ranch. It was seemed only moments before Camille was at the top of the barn aisle brimming with confidence while linking her Father’s arm. It’s moments like this that I long to capture as the bride sees her groom for the first time.
It was not long before the formal nuptials were concluded with vows being spoken and wedding rings exchanged and we were soon all lined up outside for the hugs, kisses and confetti throwing!

Natural, Relaxed wedding photography

I love informal, natural weddings, ones where you can act like a ‘guest with a camera’ while capturing all of the candid, unscripted moments that take place during the day. I managed to capture some real moments between guests through-out the day which built a lovely storybook of the wedding.
There’s so much to do at stock farm for wedding couples: you can have photos by the paddocks, then take a stroll in front of the lovely country house for a couple more photos. You can even walk to the end of the lawn and enter the wheat pastures for a couple more striking photographs on the day. The opportunities are endless!

Love was definitely in the air for this fantastic couple and I had a great time photographing this awesome Stock Farm wedding. It was great to be involved and to share in this special day. A big thank you for having me with you on your special day!

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Stock Farm weddings photographed by Stephen McGowan. If you are getting married and looking for a natural wedding photographer then please get in touch to discuss more.



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Photography Information

Photographs were taken using a Canon 5D Mkiii camera, a Canon 6D camera and a selection of lenses (mainly the 24mm-70mm series ii 2.8L, 70-200 F4.0, a wide angle lens 17mm-40mm F4.0) and two Canon 600EX-RT flashes to maintain consistant exposure in light and dark conditions and also for night time flash photography for images with contrast. A Canon 100mm F2.8 macro lens was used for close up details for the wedding photography.