The day is all about you both coming together and celebrating this with your closest family and friends. Your wedding is YOUR day! and nobody elses! I am always conscious of this fact and so operate as discreetly as possible to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible with minimal interference.

I completely understand that your wedding is unique and bespoke to the two of you, and so I like to take the time before a wedding to get to know you both, either by meeting up in person or by chatting over skype.


I try to meet up with all of my couples before the wedding day to chat about their plans and ideas for their day. I find it useful as it allows us to chat about ideas and also allows me add new suggestions which you may not considered.

Closer to the wedding day I then send over some wedding information forms for you so that you can let me know names of your key people in your wedding party, and also other supplier names and details. I also send over a template wedding schedule which will help to plan and clarify the order of events happening on the day.

Included within this information package is also a list for your group photographs. I understand how important these photographs are to your family members, and so with a little planning it allows for the group photographs to be completed nice and efficiently without people having to stand around for too long.


I offer a complimentary pre-wedding shoot to all of my couples before their big day. This is something I would completely recommend if you feel you may be a little nervous in front of the camera on your wedding day.

Nearly all of my couples have commented on how relaxed they feel after having a pre-wedding shoot and how they then look forward to their day with added excitement.

With the pre-wedding shoot we meet up in a location you both enjoy and spend time having fun in front of the camera. It's a great ice-breaker between myself and the two of you and also gives us a little insight into each others personalities before the big day.


I tend to arrive in to the bridal suite in the morning with the bride and the bridal party all getting ready. After introductions it's on to document the morning's happenings and events during the preparation. I want to tell the story of your wedding day, so I will capture your dress hung up on the wall, your shoes resting elegantly on the side of the brown leather sofa in the gorgeous window light, these are all things I am looking out for as I enter your suite. Your story wouldn't be a story without moments, so I look for key moments - moments of laughter, love and emotion and make sure that they are captured perfectly. The hug from a father, that smile on the aisle, the emotion during the speeches.

My photography approach during the day is to let things flow as much as possible and document the moments through-out. I like to be subtle and allow you to enjoy your day with your friends and family. The only staged part of the day would be the arranged group photographs and brisk wedding portraits of the two of you; however these are done quickly and efficiently to allow you to resume drinking your champagne and pick up from where you left off!

Photographing the natural events of the day allows me to document moments as they happen, and so these make for better photographs. I want everybody to generally be themselves: having a great time at your wedding! and so when you receive your photographs this is exactly what you should receive.


I try to arrive to the ceremony venue at least twenty minutes before-hand to capture guests arriving and to introduce myself to the wedding conductor. This allows me to assure them that I will be working in a very un-obtrusive and subtle manner and won't be a problem during the ceremony. I then like to capture more moments of guests arriving before introducing myself to the groom, who is more often than not, sat at the front looking a little sheepish and nervous!

I then head outside to check on the arrival of the bride. If this is by wedding-car I take a couple of quick shots in/getting out of the car before assuming a position at the top of the aisle to photograph the bride's walk down the aisle.

During the ceremony I am very mindful of myself. I operate with minimal noise (my camera even has a silent shutter mode!) as to not disrupt proceedings.


Small Secret: This is my favourite part of the day to photograph.
This is the moment where your guests (some of who have travelled far and wide) meet you for the first time and congratulate you on your wedding! I love the joy and emotion, all the hugs and kisses - it's a really nice part of the day and I absolutely love capturing it all.

Once everybody has been hugged and kissed it's a perfect opportunity for confetti!
As all wedding guests should now be in close proximity we can arrange two lines and have you come out of the ceremony venue doors and into a cloud of confetti unleashed by your family and friends!


I urge all of my couples to enjoy the prosecco and canapés and mingle with guests. You have a lot of catching up to do with people, and so I leave you to it while I shoot the documentary 'goings-on' during this time.

After the fun I then gather up the required people for some group photographs. Before the day I advise to allocate one or two helpers from each side of the family (who can put names to faces) to assist with organising.
I've found that this method works really well, and so all group photographs are efficiently ticked off before you know it!


Once the group photographs are finished and your guests have found their way back to the bar, we normally use this time to put together your couples portraits. Here I work to make it as fun as possible while also keeping things natural.

I don't want this session to eat into your day too much, so suggest a time of 20-30 minutes to do this. If you're enjoying the camera a little too much then this can always go on a little longer!
The longer in front of the camera you have, the more relaxed you become, and so you'll soon be having those beautiful portraits to fill your album!

I like to provide a little light direction during your portraits, but not too much as I'd rather you were both natural rather than being forced into uncomfortable poses.

During this time I will work on a range of scenes from close up intimate portraits to photographing from a distance and letting you both be yourselves.


After your portraits you will head back to the reception drinks for another catch-up with relatives and friends, and I will head to your wedding breakfast room to photograph all the details of it all set up ready for your meal.

Once the time is ready I then photograph your guests making their way to their tables before photographing the two of you making a grand entrance into the wedding breakfast room being cheered and applauded by your wedding party.

Once you are sat down and ready to eat I make my way to another room allowing you all to eat without being photographed!


Speeches are great! During this time I like to capture the fun moments along with the emotion. I will photograph the expressions - not only on the top table - but also the reactions of your guests at their tables.

During this time I like to remain subtle and so will generally stay low down during the speeches so that the party can all see the top table and the speaker. This allows me to photograph from creative angles while also shooting through table decorations such as glass-ware and candles which can add to the photographs.


And so, we're at the end of the night!
Here I enjoy putting together a cake photograph of the two of you surrounded by your guests. Once everyone has a picture then we're up on to the first dance!

After this we're all up on the dancefloor (myself included!) for a good old dance and party. This is the part of the day where everybody immediately loses any inhibitions and enjoy the wedding! The ceremony is over, the speeches are done, and now it's time to party!

I tend to stay for half an hour after the first dance when I'm happy I have lots of good dancefloor shots. I then say my goodbyes to the bride and groom for having me on their special day and also to the staff of the venue for also looking after me.