Knowsley Hall Wedding Photography | Gertrude and James


Gertrude & James


Gertrude and James got married at the stunning Knowsley Hall earlier this year and I was delighted to be their wedding photographer for the day. I first met Gertrude and James for their engagement shoot in Castlefield, Deansgate, a place which meant a lot to them. Before we knew it the big day was upon us and Gertrude and her bridal party were all mad busy over at the Holiday Inn hotel which was being used for morning bridal prep and make-up styling.

Bride by Swarbricks of Manchester

Gertrude looked absolutely stunning in her white Allure Couture gown from Swarbricks Bridal, with the dress accentuated with lace and beading. The bridesmaids complimented her style amazingly well with subtle pastel colours. Once our bride had her tiara and veil fitted we were off to the church for the wedding ceremony.

I met our groom, James at Prescot Parish Church who was looking smart in his blue all in one suit waiting slightly nervously at the top of the aisle with his groomsmen. To his relief he wasn't waiting long until Gertrude arrived in a chauffeur driven wedding car with her mum to be greeted by her bridesmaids and flower girl at the front of the church. The ceremony itself was short and sweet with vows being spoken between moments of laughter which helped ease any previous nerves. It wasn't long before the wedding rings were exchanged before a longing first kiss in front of all congratulating friends and family and we were outside with the wedding party throwing confetti over our newlyweds!

Knowsley Hall Wedding

From our church ceremony the bride, groom and wedding party all headed over to Knowsley Hall to enjoy the rest of the day. Knowsley Hall is absolutely stunning for any wedding photographer to work. It's grandiose and imposing architecture makes the perfect backdrop for any portrait, especially for gorgeous days under lovely blue skies. After our group shots, I whisked Gertrude and James away for a couple of moments for a few portraits of the two of them together in the grounds before we joined up with the rest of the wedding party for the cocktail hour in the gardens of this stunning wedding venue.

Lord of the Rings Theme

Once it was time for everybody to sit down for their meal we were greeted to the most majestic grand hall wedding reception rooms which was all dressed up in a Lord of the Rings theme. Wedding tables were labeled by different locations from the middle-earth world with the table planner being drawn up as a map with wedding guests names and seating positions.

Traditional African Wedding Party

After the meal it was time for everybody to put on their dancing shoes and hit the dance floor. Gertrude and James were surrounded by all family and friends while they slowly waltzed together a well rehearsed first dance. Our bride and groom also had a surprise treat in store for us as afterwards they changed into traditional african dress wear and performed a money spraying dance where the wedding party threw dollar bills over the bride and groom during the dance!


Photography Information

Photographs were taken using a Canon 5D Mkiii camera, a Canon 6D camera and a selection of lenses (mainly the 24mm-70mm series ii 2.8L, 70-200 F4.0, a wide angle lens 17mm-40mm F4.0) and two Canon 600EX-RT flashes to maintain consistant exposure in light and dark conditions and also for night time flash photography for images with contrast. A Canon 100mm F2.8 macro lens was used for close up details for the wedding photography.