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Quarry Bank Mill Wedding Photography | Lucy and Mitch


Quarry Bank Mill Wedding Photography

What a day we had for Lucy and Mitch's Quarry Bank Mill wedding! the weather gods were definitely on our side for their special day! We've been fortunate with weather for a few weddings this year, I feel I'll soon owe a debt to the weather man for some gorgeous weather this year!
Before today's wedding I had visited the old quarry bank cotton factory several times (mainly on school field trips and GCSE History assignments admittedly) so it was great to re-visit the old manufacturing plant once again to photograph Lucy and Mitch's big day in-and-amongst the industrial machinery!
I met Lucy at her home in Macclesfield where her bride tribe were all on the champagne as they had their make-up done in the kitchen. Lucy's wedding dress looked absolutely stunning even before she had it on, hung upstairs on the wardrobe. Before you knew it we were outside with the bridesmaids and vintage car ready to head over to the ceremony at St Albans church in Macclesfield.
The wedding ceremony was very intimate and lovely, the church was dressed up for it's easter festivities which looked great for wide angle lens photographs from the back of the procession.

Lucy and Mitch taking a stroll on the grounds of Quarry Bank Mill

St Albans Church Service

Overall Lucy and Mitch's wedding had the lot:  a stunning bride making her entry down the aisle of St Albans, to vows being spoken, to rings being exchanged, confetti being tossed, colourful beautiful bouquets being held by the bridal party and all before heading over to the iconic industrial mill in Manchester for a fabulous reception.
Quarry Bank Mill has so many options when it comes to portraits. We had some great locations for our photos, using the front of the mill where Lucy and Mitch strolled by hand in hand which gave a lovely balance between wedding couple and industrial backdrop which
The speeches were quite a highlight on the day with Mitch's mum and Lucy's dad giving some great speeches before our groom received a speech full of dig and ribbing from his best man, all before an impromptu rendition of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' given by Mitch's mum which was brilliant!
After Lucy and Mitch's feet were a little sore from all the dancing, we nipped outside for a long exposure portrait on the mill bridge lighting up the newlyweds with a flash from behind which looked stunning against the night sky.

Absolutely awesome wedding! I really can't wait for my next Quarry Bank Mill wedding!

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