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A 'Peveril of The Peak' Mini-Shoot with Bridal Chic in the City

Manchester wedding

Ok, so this was a mini-shoot put together off of the back of the Bridgewater Hotel Wedding Photography shoot, but essentially the shoot had a completely different look and feel to that of the music hall. I wanted to go full on 'This is Manchester' 80's mod vibe with our model Aaron - putting together a set of contrast rich black and white moody portraits with a smoking cigarette to finish the look off.

The 'Peveril of the Peak' Pub is a stand alone icon of inner city Manchester. With it's tiled lime green walls and dark green furnishings, the pub instantly catches the eye against the gentler, toned down colours of Manchester's cityscape.


'That Look' - Groom Portraits outside 'The Peveril of The Peak Pub' in Manchester

'Winning!' - 'Peveril of The Peak Pub' Manchester Wedding Photography

'Passer-by' - 'Peveril of The Peak Pub' Manchester Wedding Photography

Shoot Team

Organiser: Bridal Chic in the City
Photographer: Stephen McGowan Photography
Videography: Base Aura
Floral: Paragon Floral Design
Hair Stylist: Becky Betty
MUA: Soiree Make Up
Bridalwear: Erica Stacey Bridalwear
Suithire: King & Allen