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Award Winning Photograph - Photo of the Month - March 2016

Award Winning Photograph at Willington Hall Wedding

Award Winning Wedding Photographer

This morning I found out that I had won my first award as a wedding photographer - March 2016 Photo of the Month by "The Wedding Community"!

Up until now, I have never really seen myself as a competitor in the sense of entering into photography competitions. You see it's always been my mantra to turn up to weddings and give 100% to the day. I leave knowing I've given my everything to a wedding from the initial consultation, through to the planning, pre-wedding shoot and the big day itself. Every wedding day has my undivided attention and not one is more important than another to me.

So it's with saying this that I'm happy to leave the day knowing I've captured a gorgeous set of photographs that I know the bride and groom will cherish forever. I've done my 'job' to the best of my ability and that makes me happy!
Lately it's been nice to see other photographers work in the North West and I've always been interested in seeing how my photography style rates against other photographers in terms of 'trend' and what's 'in' at the moment. I say this because I try to keep to a timeless style - A style you can look back on in 30-40 years and the photographs will still be fashionable. I'm not for one minute saying that other photographers' styles are not timeless, just that it's nice to take a step back once in a while and see how my photographs fare when viewed in the public domain against other styles.

Willington Hall Wedding Photographer

I entered a handful of wedding shots to The Wedding Community who selected Laura and Adam's Willington Hall wedding as their photo of the day. It was great to be selected and I had no idea that it would then be put forward to be 'Photo of the Month' - but to then go on and win photo of the month...!

The Wedding Community is a UK wide wedding blog; so it was great to come up against some brilliant North West competition! there were some brilliant shots taken by some very inspiring photographers!

So I'll wrap it up here I guess - here's to more photography competition entries! It's nice to see my style is well received by brides and grooms up and down the UK. This prize winning photograph has now been put forward for --- "Wedding Photo of the Year 2016!" - which is pretty awesome! so you never know! I may be back on the blog in 8 months time with a new award winning update!